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Welcome to our Theatre School

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”46px”][vc_column_text]Dreams was founded in 2007 and prides itself on providing fun acting and musical theatre classes for all, whether they have been on stage hundreds of times or never.


Kate Barker and Catherine Stacey both trained in the performing arts locally and have worked professionally in the industry for several years as well as gaining experience in classrooms teaching students from age 2 years up to 18.


All our classes are designed to bring out the confidence in each individual child. Drama education is not necessarily about wanting to be a star, or moving towards a career in the arts. We believe it is an essential skill for all to learn which can help with numerous careers in the future. Take a look at the 8 C’s of drama and how helpful they can be in all areas of life.


The 8 C’s of Drama:
Critical thinking


For more information on our classes have a look at the theatre school and glee club pages on our website.


You can also get to know our teachers and a little more too by clicking on our Teachers page.

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